Pam is an experienced, passionate educator of children and Equitation Science - personable, knowledgable and fun!

Lisa Ashton, ES Dip, BA (Hons), PGCE, MBA, BHS II, founder of EquiSci and

My 10 year old daughter had her first lesson with Pam this morning and totally loved it.

Harry the pony is a perfect school master, calm and polite but happy to gently let the child know if they aren’t quite doing it correctly.

Pam is wonderful with children, encouraging and kind. We totally recommend this duo.

Miss O can’t wait to return.

Pam was a calm and patient instructor, helping out with gentle reinforcement when she noticed my struggle to control certain movements after numerous attempts. Overall awesome convos and techniques discussed. Will be back for more soon! Definitely look into lessons, if this is something you’re interested in furthering, or if you need assistance with your own horse or pony.


Where do I start, Pam is by far the best horse riding instructor around, her animals are treated like family and us also, my girls absolutely love love love the lessons and I highly recommend Pam to anyone be it experienced to beginner.


On the Intensive Stay Training Option:

Pam Reid (of Equitation Science Coaching) is the most wonderful, down to earth, honest person I have ever met. I met her through a friend of mine- who recommended Pam to do some training with my two unbroken horses. 

Sundae (3yo welsh cob x brumby mare) and Star (5yo arab x quarter horse mare) were complete opposites when it came to their personalities, behaviours and their past. Sundae was the sweetest little pony ever- she just wanted to do right by you and always tried her hardest to learn. Star, well, we could be here for hours talking about how Star was. She was an abused, neglected and starved horse. She was skinny, had ulcers and worms, and used aggression as a fight response to human actions. Star had been so hurt in the past, that even if you wanted to touch her, be near her or lead her, she would lash out with biting, kicking and rearing. She just wanted to do all her tricks in the book to get any human away from her. I took this horse on because I fell in love with her, and no one felt the same heart ache for her, until I met Pam. 

I could tell that Pam was different from all the other trainers- that she really gave a damn about the horse, and how they’re feeling and WHY they’re feeling that way. This was a huge tick from me when trying to decide who to go with for training. I didn’t have the time to train one of them, let alone two. But I wanted the best for them, I wanted safe horses that people could be around, and I wanted happy horses that weren’t afraid of humans. 

I have never been so amazed at someone’s ability when working with horses than when I saw how Pam changed Star. Star and Sundae went for a 6-week intensive stay at Equitation Science Coaching, and they returned completely different horses. 

I was terrified of being around Star, I couldn’t pat her, I couldn’t brush her, I couldn’t train her, and it absolutely broke my heart that I couldn’t give her the love and attention she so desperately needed and deserved. Pam changed everything for me and of course, Star. I could never ever thank her enough. Now, I have a happy, healthy horse that loves scratches, being groomed, and loves having a job to do when we are training. 

I took Star on because I knew she would end up in a bad place if I didn’t, but it wasn’t enough. Pam was really the one that saved Star, and I will be eternally grateful for it.


Thank you for reading this! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on 0427764730 as I have now been working with Pam for a long time and can vouch for her in any aspect of training!