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Percheron yearling - poppet


It is time to let someone else enjoy the training journey of our beautiful girl, Poppet. From the 'Collinsville Stud', formerly the Kadlunga stud, where SAPOL have purchased their mounted police horses for some time. Poppet is expected to mature between 16.2hh and 17hh. 


Arriving with her siblings in April, Poppet has grown from a fearful, unhandled foal to a calm, inquisitive, gentle yearling. Approximately 1 year old, Poppet has the most unflappable nature out of the 3 percherons. She has taken each stage of her training in her stride, learnt to lead calmly, picking up her feet - and just absolutely loving a groom. 


The decision of which one to sell has been a tough one. Due to Poppet’s gentle personality and the ease of her training so far, we feel she will be the one to bring joy to her new owner with the way she can quickly build a relationship. The benefits of training your own horse from a young age are enormous. You will always know what they have been taught and they will know what to expect from you.

Poppet has been exposed to tractors, ride-ons, children and dogs. She has been on the float with no issues and walked around new places on the property. She lives happily in a herd and must be paddocked with other horses. Poppet is up-to-date with worming, vaccinations and teeth. 


Have a look on our 'Start Them Right Page' to see her training journey so far. There are also more videos on the Facebook page "Equitation Science Coaching'.

We will be extremely fussy with who Poppet goes to. We are in no rush and will wait for the perfect owner to come along. If you would like to find out more and apply for this important role, please contact me.  



all rounder - Archie




-Selling on behalf of a client-


Archie, 16.3hh, TB, 17 years young - SOLD


Don’t be fooled by his age, Archie is an experienced boy with plenty more to give. Been there done that, attended cross country, jumping clinics and competitions with his owner, who has owned him for 10 years.


With me, re-training for nearly 6 months, focusing on sharpening his responses – is light off the leg and has good brakes. Can also be ridden safely in a bitless bridle. Can be forward when jumping but is a ‘point and shoot’ for anyone wanting to learn with an experienced horse. Transition from trot to canter can be hurried. Will hold himself in a beautiful frame when using his back properly.


Fantastic temperament, no nasties or spooky behaviour. Has been used for lessons with a variety of riders. Can be lunged with an unbalanced rider and remains calm and responsive. Lead-line for beginners, where he has more woe-than-go. 


I’ve taken him to Adult Riding Club, indoor arenas, new places and he’s always safe and responsive. He can become more ‘looky’ in different places but easily led around to relax him. Prefers other horses around and must be paddocked with other horses. 

Though not necessarily a beginner’s horse, Archie would suit Pony Club or an adult wanting to build confidence, attend Riding Club, or trail ride. 


Easy to catch and trim. Floating issues have been re-trained and is easy to float with some simple strategies. See some of the intensive work he has had on our  YouTube channel.


Up-to-date with worming, teeth, vaccinations. He is ready to go! 


A pleasure to be around and will be missed by his regular riders and our family. 


A good home is a must. Please contact me for more details on this beautiful boy.