July 2020

Troubleshooting Behaviour

Most problem behaviour can be explained by assessing a horse's response to GO, STOP and TURN. 

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April 2020

What's in it for my horse?

One of the saddest facts about horses? They don't scream out when in pain. So how do we know how they are truly feeling? 

Learn more about the 'Pain Face'


January 2020

Principles of Learning Theory in Equitation 

Any method of training can be excellent training when it follows these 10 training principles. 


December 2019

The Shaping Scale

Developed by Dr Andrew McLean and Manuela McLean, the shaping scale gives a clear step-by-step, logical process to follow during training.

The Shaping Scale Diagram Link


September 2020

Repetitions = Progress

A simple guide on how to use repetitions to accelerate your training progress.


October 2020

Float Training Journey

A guide to use for ideas on where to start on re-training the fearful horse on the float.