Focusing on repetitions in your training can really accelerate your progress.

During your training session, aim to have the horse finish with 3 'good ones' in a row. If you count this as your first set, then aim to do 3 sets in your training session. Put a 2 minute break in between sets and you are well on the way to developing those neural pathways.

Similar to training 'sets' during a gym workout, aim to have 3 sets, of 3 'good ones' in a row. 3 x 3 !

So, it may look like this, eg. Teaching stepback:

1st Set:

Taps to the foreleg: the first 4 times of asking (tapping), the horse gives differing answers before stepping back. Then, the last 3 times the horse begins to stepback one foreleg.

2 minute break - this can include something new, such as teaching the GO response. 

2nd Set:

Taps to the foreleg, the horse takes only 4 times to get 3 'good ones' (or an improvement) in a row. 

2 minute break - back to more work on GO response.

3rd Set:

Usually where you find the horse has started to understand the signals and will achieve the desired response (3 'good ones' in a row) quickly. 

You should find that the next time you go to teach the stepback, the horse should have improved from your last training session.