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Who needs a kick up the ar$$e?!

I know I did!!

Recently I completed a 30 Day video challenge, set to me by my coach. For 30 days I had to share a video on social media, also adding in some live videos.

Well, I was surprised at the difficulty this brought me! I expected to be challenged for sure, but what came up had me stepping out of my comfort zone way more than I had anticipated.

And that’s the point!

Tasking is a part of NLP that we use regularly. Setting a task after each session ensures a client keeps the momentum moving forward in their journey. It is designed in its very nature to give clients a push into a place they weren’t at before. As NLP is focused on moving forward in life, it doesn’t give in to bullshit. It invites you to leave your old stories behind and sets you up for more confidence and clarity.

Tasks that are big enough will give you a chance to see what you still have hanging around for you that need looking at.

I had many areas come up…

Would I have anything to talk about for 30 days

Was it interesting enough

Would I be clear in what I was saying

What would people think

And going live? Without notes or a chance of retake? Wowsers! For my first few lives, I sat in front of my phone with it all primed ready, thinking of what I was going to talk about, ready then not ready. What a palaver!

The thing that helped me ditch my overthinking was working with my straight-talking coach (and friend!) Lucy. She guided me through some of the beliefs I had hanging around and lots of reframing on how I was perceiving the whole thing.

So, I came out of it with a whole new perspective.

Instead of trying to please others, I did it to please me.

I spoke about what I wanted to share (I cracked myself up in the process); I didn’t care if I made a mistake (seriously, who doesn’t make mistakes??); I was just myself (because if you don’t like me on a 2-minute video, you aint gonna like me for 5 weeks, so you’re not my client!!)

No longer taking 20 minutes to psych myself up for a live, I just got on with it.

What an enlightening task! Now, I won’t lie and say I wasn’t pleased when the 30 days were up, but I learnt so much more about myself.

Even though it was lovely to complete the task with a new mindset, I loved hearing from so many people on how the videos helped and inspired them. A big thank you to those who reached out to me. If you’d like to see some videos, like my Facebook page, Pam Reid Performance Coaching and watch away! If you want to see how some of them went, watch my bloopers on one video that had me in fits of laughter.

So much to learn about ourselves in everything we do. I’m on a path to be better and sometimes that involves a kick up the arse.

Are you ready for yours?!


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