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Pony Day ~ School Holiday Program

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

During the school holidays, we hold our ‘Pony Day’ program for children aged 6 years and above.

Designed to give children an extended day of learning, with all those aspects that are important for the welfare of horses. Weaving theory and practical throughout with aspects of safety, hoof care, feeding, horse points, saddlery, horse ethology and good in-hand and under-saddle training techniques.

Horses are hard work and it is days like these that show children the true extent to what it means owning a horse or pony - poo-picking, feeding, filling up haynets, grooming, riding, training, sweeping the yard…the jobs are endless!!

With a mixture of fun & work, learning & playing the day showcases all we do at Equitation Science for Children.

Be warned…it may start an obsession that doesn’t ever leave them!

“I can’t wait for my own horse one day, I will have my own place and will live next to Lara” – Hannah, aged 9 years.

Limited space so contact us for upcoming dates and requirements.


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