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Fear Does Not Protect You!

My daughter had her first canter in the forest yesterday She loved it!

I did it a little sneakily…a gentle, grassy hill ahead of us, 2 calm equines…”shall we have a little trot?” … and then push Boy into a steady canter.

I asked her after the ride, if I had suggested a canter what would she have said?

“Absolutely, completely never! I would’ve worried about doing it, or could I stop him, or him tripping over, or falling off - all those things!”

That is fear talking.

That is her mind believing it is protecting her; quickly assessing the potential dangers and wanting to keep her safe.

And yes, if we listen to every fear we have, we might be somewhat safe (let’s not get into what fear does to us on the inside!!) but oh-so-very-bored in the process!!

Fear has no protective function!

IN THE MOMENT - we have Flight or Fight!

Then we have the moment, practiced and rehearsed strategies!

When she realised I was cantering and her pony kept up, she dealt with it.

I was there to offer some supportive “woo hoo!” , “you got this!”, “just keep hold of the neckstrap to help you!” but other than that, her tried and tested strategies had to keep her safe.

Overthinking, over-analysing, over-replaying stories does not serve you. Strategies that return you to fear disempower you and stop you from making better choices.

Being present in a moment and using effective strategies serves you. The more we can quietly silent that fearful voice, the more likely we can deal with ANYTHING that’s put onto us, sneakily or not.


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