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Children & Bushfires

For adults, the impact of the recent bushfires here in Australia can take its toll on health and well-being. It makes me wonder - how do children process their feelings and what resources are available to guide parents and professionals to help affected children? I know my own children worry during the summer season and are affected by the imagery presented by the media, even when their exposure is limited.

So, I have found some superb information that may help your child/children if they are feeling overwhelmed or have been affected by the recent events.


Resources here are a fun and interactive way to involve children, at the appropriate developmental age, to feel empowered during bushfire preparations/season.


Written in an approachable way, this is a page dedicated to children to read and interact with themselves. It goes through some of the emotions possibly felt and some useful links for children to research ideas further.


This article provides useful information about what signs to look for that may indicate your child is struggling with some of their feelings towards bushfires. There are tips and suggestions about approaching these worries and how to help a child through their emotions.


Looking at trauma in general, this includes signs to look for, set out in different age groups. There are some tips for the recovery process and information on when to seek treatment for a child.


Perhaps more directed for professionals working with children, this is a thorough look at trauma and its’ effects on children and youth. What I love the most is the inclusion of different links to resources depending on individual needs and situations.

I am no Psychologist. As all of these resources recommend, please seek professional help if you believe your child is affected by trauma.

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