maximise FUTURE


To be aware of what we bring in our own heads to our horse training is vital for change.


Who we are, the story we are telling ourselves, is all apparent when we are with our horse.

Comments I regularly hear from owners:


  • I don’t know what I’m doing

  • My horse doesn’t like me 

  • I’m afraid of falling

  • My horse is out to get me

  • In my younger years I did it all, now I can’t… 

  • I’m afraid I’ll get hurt

  • I’m not as good as ‘….’

  • I can’t jump, compete, trail ride

  • I’ve lost my confidence

  • I’m afraid of my horse

  • I’m not the rider I used to be 


 What we bring with us to our training influences our success and how likely we are to reach our goals.


How we filter information is based on past events and our habits. This affects how we feel and this affects our decisions. 



Wouldn’t it be great to silence that inner critic that stops you from being the rider & the horse owner that you want to be?


What if I tell you, you can change this old thinking pattern in 4 sessions to reach your goal and find the enjoyment with horses again...


What if this new thinking flows onto all areas of your life? 



Contact Pam to arrange a free strategy session on how to Maximise Your Goals now and get rid of that old baggage for good!