Maximise your Confidence


The program is designed for anyone who’s fear has started to impact their joy of horses. Whether that is a new fear from an accident or a fear that has been lurking for a while.


Riding and training can be scary. Horses are flight animals, unpredictable and powerful and it’s no wonder fear creeps in.


Learn the difference between fear that keeps you safe and unnecessary fear that stops you from loving time with your horse.

Pam has helped riders regain their love for horses and maximise their confidence. 

You will learn:


  • The purpose of fear and how your mind thinks it’s serving you

  • How the story you tell yourself impacts your feelings and your decisions

  • How you can change your own beliefs about YOUR identity

  • Techniques to bring confidence and certainty when you need them

  • No limits to your goals



You don’t have to live with the gut wrenching fear that controls your decisions. By working on the root cause of your fear, you will uncover what processes have been holding you back.


In 4 sessions you will learn how to master your fear and Maximise your Confidence, guaranteed. Or, get your money back...


What do you have to lose?  (Except that fear of course!)