Available from 6 years to adults

Located in Flaxley, 6 minutes from Mount Barker

Please note: ALL booked lessons require 48-hours notice of cancellation. Full fee payable for any session cancelled with less than 48-hours notice. 

Equitation Science Schoolmasters

Roy & Boy


One sure way to boost your confidence and your riding skill is to ride a SAFE, EDUCATED Equitation Science trained horse!

Both Roy and Boy are super horses that install confidence in their rider. When getting back to riding or wanting to improve your position and delivery of aids, both Roy and Boy are available to learn from. 

Lessons are available during the week and trail rides can also be arranged.

If you want to see the benefits of training a horse using the principles of Equitation Science consistently for a number of years, then riding either horse will show you how well this systematic approach works! Plus, Roy prefers working in a bitless bridle and can still show off some fancy moves.

training toolkit

Toolkit 2.jpg

Want to address a problem or step up a level in your riding?


If you've tried EVERYTHING and just feel a problem isn't improving or you aren't progressing, adding some tools to your toolkit can be just what you and your horse needs. 


Safety is the key focus. The clearer your horse understands what you are asking, the less likely they are to show difficult to handle behaviours. Adding a variety of tools (such as clicker training) to your repertoire improves how horses feel about training and behaviour problems disappear. 

Pam loves working on:

  • Float re-training

  • Re-training picking up feet for farrier/trimmer

  • Bridling issues 

  • Starting young horses under-saddle 

  • Relaxation for competition, especially focused on dressage

  • Improvement in riding for horse and rider 

  • Trail riding expectations

  • Exposure to new environments 

  • Riding with 'less' - see 'With How little Force' article