Complimentary 15 minute Consultation

Want to know if Pam's coaching is the right fit for you? Want to hear how the tools in Equitation Science can help? Apply for your complimentary consultation by emailing Pam the following details:

About You:

- How long you have been riding / owned horses

- How often you ride and/or train now

About Your Horse:

- How old they are

- Their education

- How long you have owned them

- How they are kept (in a herd, solo, stable, paddock, yard...)

The Problem or Goal:

- Details on what you would like to work on. The more specific you are, the more I can help you! Even better, send a short video clip too. (WhatsApp, Messenger, Email)

Consultations via FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp or Good Old Telephone.

Email Pam at:


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