Too nervous to compete? Or when you do, you feel like you've made a mess of everything you've practiced at home?

Then read on!

Firstly, when we feel nerves, we are experiencing fear. For each of us, the cause of the fear might be different. It could be the fear of failure, fear of making a mistake, fear of looking bad, fear of being judged, fear of being laughed at, fear of letting your horse down...


Whatever the reason, the fear is strong!


The second aspect is we are focusing on what might go wrong or what might / might not happen. Fear is a warning from your mind that you are focusing on the wrong things! 

Tell me more about the program! 

Fear is a warning from the mind that you are focusing on the wrong thing!


There is a very quick formula for dealing with anxiety and nerves. The Anxiety Model uses visualisation of the SUCCESSFUL completion of an event to keep your focus on what you want to happen and how you will feel afterwards.

Send me a quick email to get the full version of these steps and use it whenever you have nerves at the thought of an upcoming event.


Quick Tip (3)!

The Ring Of Power

An easy way to step into a more confident you, is to draw an imaginary ring in front of you (or draw something in the sand for a visual). Bring up an old memory of confidence - feel that feeling, see what you saw, hear what you heard and step into that ring. Bring up 5 other positive states (loved, energetic, laughing, powerful, successful for examples) and repeat the process.

Once completed, step into that ring and you will feel those positive emotions flow through you.

Use this ring when you are about to get on your horse you will feel the confidence flow through you.


The next easy to add tool are POWER POSES. Research has found that standing like Wonder Woman for 2 minutes increases your

 confidence and certainty


Add lifting your chin, pulling your shoulders back and some deep strong breaths and you will change your state (physiology) massively!

Do this before an event or competition and fill your thoughts with the successful completion and your body will be primed to go for it.

For more info on how to change your state contact Pam today.


(ps. there is no requirement to do it as dramatically as you see here!!😂)


Quick Tip (4) !

Anchoring is one of the best mood changers we can use. The anchor itself can be any part of the body that we can touch in a unique way (so, not a gesture or touch you do often), it can be a particular place, a doorway, a particular act or behaviour. One SUPER anchor is a particular song. Choose a song that uplifts you, automatically puts you into a confident, powerful state and visualise your competition or performance event SUCCESSFULLY playing out. Play that song at least 3 times a day, for 2 weeks leading up to a competition. For added oomph! play that song as you ride.


You will find that when you hear that song, feelings of success and confidence will flow through you.


On the day, pop some head phones in and play that song! 

For my take on a playlist of songs that evoke powerful confidence, click here...