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Maximise Your Mindset...

                             ....& be the best version of you!

Horses can highlight where our own mindset is at. How we feel about ourselves, our insecurities, our fears, our lack of self-belief. 

Do you ever wish you could silence that inner critic in your head and achieve all you want with your horse? 


Whatever is going on inside your head will affect your approach with your horse - and can be the difference between pleasure and pain.

The Max Confidence Program is designed for anyone wanting to get rid of that fear once and for all.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes...



          could be fear of getting injured, fear of falling, fear of making a mistake with their horse, fear of losing their horse, fear of being judged, fear of competing....the list could go on...


Pam has felt this fear too. After having break with horses, getting back to riding was much harder than she thought it would be. Training, studying, competing. It has not been pain sailing. Fear wasn't just around horses. Pam has had to remove fear about leaving a safe career and starting her own business and all there is to learn...there have been many challenges along the way. 


A new mindset to approach these challenges let her to working hard at removing fear. It's cliche and it's true - if she can do it, so can you!

More on Pam's story here.


There are 2 main ingredients to the Max Programs that Pam offers.

1) Free Yourself From Fear

Once this old story is removed and a new one put into place, we work on changing strategies to give yourself new ways of dealing with challenge. 

2) Training Pro

Pam's love of training, using learning theory (that is, how horse's learn) and keeping welfare as the top most priority means we are going to be safer. Horses are not machines BUT if we know we can confidently deal with anything that happens, we are putting ourselves in a much safer position (literally!)

Who are the programs for?

Pam works with clients who:

- Love to learn and want to extend their knowledge

- Are committed to put in the work, knowing it is THEIR responsibility to make changes

- Are open to change

- Can take in new information

- Realise the process is a journey 

- Accept the journey is not always a straight path

It is not for:

- Those who want to continue doing what they've always done

- Those who are not open to new information 

- Those who want a quick fix (for mindset and/or horse training!)

- Those who expect it to be easy

- Those who want someone else to do the work

- Those who are impatient for results

If you think you fit the bill, get in touch with Pam today and see how you can free yourself from fear and be the best version of you - for you AND your horse!

WHICH programs ARE FOR you?


If you do what you've always done
You'll get what you've always got
- Henry Ford

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