Pam Reid
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It all starts in your head...

Have you ever noticed, that your ride and how you feel about that ride changes 

 depending on what mood you're in?


Being around horses for over 30 years and teaching and coaching for 10 years, Pam has seen the big impact that mindset has on us all. Whether you are competing or trail riding, returning to horses after a break or a riding-pro, what you

say to yourself

is the biggest predictor of how you feel about your journey than anything else.  

The biggest challenge horse riders face is the unpredictable nature of horses. We are working with big animals that are wired for flight. It's no wonder the most common problem Pam sees with horse owners is a loss of confidence.


What do we do when this happens? It's common in the industry to "push through", "face your fears", "get back on the horse"...


What if there was another way?

Change is easy when we give ourselves new STRATEGIES that show our minds a new way of processing information and making meaning of experiences. As a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Pam will quickly get to the bottom of your fear, find out what strategies aren't working for you and give you tools to change your thinking.

Pam has successfully helped clients with:

  • Removing fear after sporting accidents

  • Relaxation techniques for nerves and performance anxiety

  • Setting goals and future pace outcomes

  • Changed dangerous behaviour from horses

  • Given owners the tools to a safer horse

  • Removing barriers that have prevented clients from achieving their goals

Who is performance coaching for?


Have you....

  • Had a fall or injury and want to get back in the saddle?

  • Nerves are getting the best of you and aren't allowing you to compete to your best?

  • Become fearful of your horses behaviour and want a safer horse to ride and work with?

  • Begun dreading to see your horse?

  • Dreams of riding like you used to?

  • Goals you want to achieve with your horse?

  • Had enough of not believing in your riding and horse skill?

If you answered with a YES to any of these questions,

then get the FREE guide that gives you 7 Fear Free Strategies to start using today and get rid of your fear.


Had an INJURY or a FALL?

The biggest fear I see from clients is those who have had a fall or near fall. Here's what's going on and ways to help you get your confidence back and enjoy riding again.


A WELL-TRAINED horse is a SAFE horse

When things go wrong with our horses, going back to basics and asking how we can improve our communication is key to improving our safety on and around our horse.

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